Advice from the TOP: The Power of Persistence

Apollo Endosurgery Founder and Chief Commercial Officer Dennis McWilliams offers inspiring words for startup entrepreneurs

Austin, Texas – June 27, 2016 – We are excited to announce the release of the next video in our Advice from the TOP series. The video features Apollo Endosurgery Founder and Chief Commercial Officer Dennis McWilliams as he shares one of his biggest lessons learned with entrepreneurs just starting out.

“You know when you’re going to do a startup that it’s going to be very difficult and very hard, you know you’re going to have to go through real trials and tribulations, you just don’t know what those are.” For McWilliams, it all comes down to persistence and having confidence in your vision. “It’s just sticking with the vision, relying on that vision, and having that confidence to go through all the hard stuff you’re going to have to go through to be successful.”

McWilliams is the President and Chief Commercial Officer of Apollo Endosurgery, a healthcare company dedicated to revolutionizing the treatment of obesity and other gastrointestinal disorders by developing less invasive solutions that allow patients to live healthier lives.  Apollo was a company founded and incubated at PTV, and today is a global innovator pushing boundaries to bring new technologies and innovative products to markets in over 80 countries around the world.

Advice from the TOP, PTV’s video series, features PTV CEOs and Senior Advisors as well as other industry thought leaders as they offer insight and advice to entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry and reflect on their experiences partnering with PTV. The entire series can be found on PTV’s website at