Cameron Health: The first and only next-generation ICD

Cameron’s subcutaneous implantable defibrillator (“S-ICD”) system has been described as the most revolutionary technology innovation in the ICD market in more than a decade. The Cameron S-ICD technology allows for patients to be treated without placing any lead technology into the heart of the patient, providing the patient a safety advantage not currently available in the US market.

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In my experience, what differentiates PTV from other venture firms is their commitment to supporting and developing their portfolio company leaders and teams.  PTV is proactive and deliberate in creating opportunities for their CEOs to build long-term relationships that allow them to understand key trends in the healthcare environment, to leverage each other’s networks and to share lessons-learned.  The relationships and insights that I gained through being part of the PTV family have been invaluable to me. Kevin Hykes, former CEO of Cameron Health.