Cardinal Health’s Don Casey on Alternative Business Models

Cardinal Health Medical segment CEO Don Casey sits down with PTV’s Rick Anderson to discuss alternative business models in the changing healthcare market 

Austin, Texas – April 28, 2016 – We are excited to announce the release of the next podcast in our TOP Talks series. The podcast features PTV Managing Director Rick Anderson and Cardinal Health Medical segment CEO Don Casey as they discuss alternative business models in the changing healthcare market.

In the podcast Casey discusses the macro changes in healthcare driving the need for alternative business models and what capabilities entrepreneurs will need to be able to succeed in the shifting industry. While Casey admits that the current environment presents a threat to established business models, ultimately he sees the cataclysmic change as an opportunity for entrepreneurs, calling it an “absolutely outstanding time to be a small nimble competitor.”

His advice to entrepreneurs is not to think in terms of what the device is,  but rather in terms of what problem they are trying to solve. “The vast majority of acute care procedures, the vast majority of devices used to assist in chronic care management, even if you start digitizing it all, are going to be part of a broader ecosystem,” says Casey. “So to me it’s less important to say my device is going to be one ounce lighter than yours or it’s going to be four cents cheaper. It’s more I’m plugging into a system that’s going to provide a broader solution.”

don casey

Don Casey is the Chief Executive Officer of the Medical segment of Cardinal Health, a leading provider of medical products and supply chain services to hospitals, laboratories, physician offices, surgery centers and other sites of care across the healthcare continuum.

Casey brings 27 years of global health care experience to the role, as well as an outstanding track record in identifying and commercializing medical innovations. He served as CEO of the Gary and Mary West Wireless Health Institute, a non-profit research organization focused on lowering the cost of health care through novel technology solutions from 2010 to 2012. Previously, Casey served as Worldwide Chairman for Johnson & Johnson’s comprehensive care group and as a member of the company’s executive committee, where he oversaw its cardiovascular, diagnostic, diabetes and vision care franchises around the world. Casey began his career with Johnson & Johnson in 1985, advancing into executive positions throughout the company’s consumer, pharmaceutical and medical device franchises.

TOP Talks, PTV’s podcast series, features conversations between PTV Managing Director Rick Anderson and various industry thought leaders as they discuss the changing landscape of the healthcare industry and what that means for healthcare entrepreneurs. Previous episodes can be found on PTV’s website.