Eye on the Prize: A Conversation with LASIK Pioneer Dr. Stephen Slade

Renowned ophthalmic thought leader and 2016 PTV Star of Texas Award Winner Dr. Stephen Slade on what it means to be a thought leader and the importance of working with the right people 

Austin, Texas – May 25, 2017 – We are excited to announce the release of the next podcast in our TOP Talks series. The podcast features renowned ophthalmic thought leader and 2016 PTV Star of Texas Award Winner Dr. Stephen Slade as he sits down for a conversation with PTV.

In the podcast, Dr. Slade and PTV Managing Director Rick Anderson discuss a variety of topics including what makes a good thought leader, controlling your own destiny, and the importance of working with the right people, especially when it comes to your financial partners.

When asked what one piece of advice he would give to entrepreneurs, Dr. Slade laughingly says, “Well, I guess my one piece of advice would be to gets lots of pieces of advice from lots of different people.”

After a moment of thought, he continues, “I truly believe that my one piece of advice would be about financial partnerships and to choose those carefully… If you get the right financial partner they’re going to have all the other pieces – they’re going to have the advisors, they’ve done this before, they’re going to be active on your board. So I would have to say the best single piece of advice I would do would be pick a financial partner that can help you – that really will help you –  and that is compatible with your goals.”

slade podcast

Dr. Slade, a specialist in Presbyopia correction, cataract surgery, LASIK, implantable contact lenses (ICL), and refractive surgery, is a Houston native whose private practice is also located in Houston, Texas. In 1991, along with Stephen Brint, MD, Dr. Slade performed the first LASIK procedure in the United States. Later he performed the first Custom LASIK ablation based on topography in the United States. He has since done tens of thousands of cases. He is an active teacher of surgical techniques and has taught, lectured to, and certified over 8,000 surgeons on LASIK and lamellar refractive surgery.

Dr. Slade has remained on the cutting edge, having the nation’s longest experience with Laser Cataract Surgery, All Laser LASIK, accommodating IOLs (Crystalens) and ICL. Dr. Slade was a lead investigator and presented the data to the FDA for panel approval for both the Crystalens and the ICL. Of unique note, Dr. Slade is considered a “surgeon’s surgeon”.  Over 450 of his fellow eye surgeons have chosen him for their own eye surgery. He is an active researcher and the United States Medical Monitor for several new technologies including the IntraLase laser for All Laser LASIK, the implantable corneal contact lens, and the WaveLight laser.

TOP Talks, PTV’s podcast series, features conversations between PTV Partners and various industry thought leaders as they discuss the changing landscape of the healthcare industry and what that means for healthcare entrepreneurs. Previous episodes can be found on PTV’s website.