Inside Look: Strategic Business Development

Johnson & Johnson Vice President of Business Development Susan Morano sits down with PTV to take an inside look at the strategic development process

Austin, Texas – August 2, 2016 – We are excited to announce the release of the next podcast in our TOP Talks series. The podcast features Johnson & Johnson Vice President, Business Development – Medical Devices Susan Morano as she joins PTV for a candid conversation about strategic value and business development in today’s medtech landscape.

In the podcast Morano and PTV Managing Director Rick Anderson cover a range of topics, touching on macro trends in the industry before delving into J&J’s business development process as Morano offers her thoughts on evaluating potential partnerships, portfolio optimization, and what gets her attention in the deal room.

Through it all Morano remains optimistic, saying that while there are a lot of problems in healthcare to be solved, we have the best and brightest thinkers on the solutions. “If you go after the real needs and always keep value in the back of your mind, I think there’s a tremendous amount of opportunity and I think entrepreneurs and innovation – that is the lever we have that can solve all problems.”

susan morano

As Vice President Business Development – Medical Devices and a member of the Medical Devices Group Operating Committee, Susan Morano has responsibility for strategic planning and licensing & acquisitions for Johnson & Johnson’s Medical Devices & Diagnostics Group. She has been a key player in a number of deals, including Johnson & Johnson’s $21.3 billion takeover of orthopedics company Synthes in 2012.

Morano joined Johnson & Johnson as a college recruit in the finance organization. During her tenure in the Corporation, she transitioned through a number of positions with increasing responsibility through six operating companies, primarily within finance and new business development. Morano has been involved in a number of significant transactions within MD&D.

Ms. Morano received her BS in accounting from Villanova University and an MBA from Columbia University.

TOP Talks, PTV’s podcast series, features conversations between PTV Managing Director Rick Anderson and various industry thought leaders as they discuss the changing landscape of the healthcare industry and what that means for healthcare entrepreneurs. Previous episodes can be found on PTV’s website.