Making a Manufacturer

Apollo Endosurgery Executive Vice President of Operations Charles Tribié and Cardiva Medical Chief Operating Officer Justin Ballotta sit down with PTV to discuss the tools needed to develop world class manufacturing operations

Austin, Texas – February 24, 2015 – We are excited to announce the release of the next podcast in our TOP Talks series. The podcast features PTV Managing Director Rick Anderson, Apollo Endosurgery Executive Vice President of Operations Charles Tribié, and Cardiva Medical Chief Operating Officer Justin Ballotta as they discuss the ingredients needed to develop world class manufacturing operations in today’s healthcare environment.

In the podcast Ballotta and Tribié dive into the nuts and bolts of manufacturing, covering everything from developing winning strategies and the decision making process that goes into in-house versus outsourced production, to the leadership capability needed to drive world class manufacturing operations and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Throughout the discussion, Ballotta and Tribié both stress the importance of delivering a quality product. “Finding out how to make it faster, cheaper, better is something that a company should deal with later in its stages of maturity,” says Ballotta. “I think that whatever manufacturing strategy someone decides to embark on, having the quality of the product and the compliance of the company top of mind should be of most importance.”

Tribié agrees. “When you look at the manufacturing process, every step along the way, you want to look at trying to generate the highest yields you can get. In doing so throughout the process, ultimately you’re going to deliver a high quality product and a high quality device.”


Charles Tribié currently serves as Executive Vice President of Operations at Apollo Endosurgery. Prior to joining Apollo in 2014, Mr. Tribié served as the Senior Vice President Operations at IDev Technologies and was fully responsible for the company’s operational strategy until IDev Technologies’ acquisition by Abbott in 2013. Prior to joining IDev Technologies, Mr. Tribié spent three years consulting across a broad range of medical device specialties.

Mr. Tribié has 30 years of operations experience, including roles within CryoGen, Inc. and Power Medical Interventions. He served as President and CEO of CryoGen, a venture-backed firm with a unique office-based solution for cryogenic treatment of Excessive Menstrual Bleeding. CryoGen was sold to American Medical Systems in 2003. Mr. Tribié began his career at US Surgical, spending 19 years there while continuing to increase his responsibilities within operations. During Mr. Tribié’s tenure, US Surgical was the leader in innovative surgical wound closure products. At the time of its acquisition by Tyco International, he was Senior Vice President Operations at US Surgical.

Justin Ballotta is currently Cardiva Medical’s Chief Operating Officer. In this role, Mr. Ballotta is directly responsible for product commercialization & engineering, manufacturing operations, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, supply chain, customer operations, and information technology. Mr. Ballotta joined Cardiva in June of 2010 as Vice President of Operations.

Prior to Cardiva, Mr. Ballotta had 13 years of experience across medical device design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and business assessments. Most recently, Mr. Ballotta worked at Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, Cordis Corporation, where he was responsible for new business assessments and strategic marketing for next generation structural heart and drug-eluting stents.

TOP Talks, PTV’s podcast series, features conversations between PTV Managing Director Rick Anderson and various industry thought leaders as they discuss the changing landscape of the healthcare industry and what that means for healthcare entrepreneurs. Previous episodes can be found on PTV’s website.