TOP Talks

PTV’s podcast series TOP Talks features a series of conversations between PTV and various guests, including PTV Senior Advisors and other industry thought leaders as they discuss the changing landscape of the healthcare industry and what that means for healthcare entrepreneurs.


PTV Senior Business Advisor Dan Walsh shares insights into his immense expertise in bringing medical device products to market.


Meet Early. Meet Often.

PTV Senior Regulatory Advisor Tony Blank on the consumerization of the FDA


Eye on the Prize

Renowned ophthalmic thought leader and 2016 PTV Star of Texas Award Winner Dr. Stephen Slade on what it means to be a thought leader and the importance of working with the right people


The Data Will Set You Free

PTV Entrepreneur in Residence and Former Keurig Vice President of Supply Chain Services John Heller on how to think like a consumer products leader in healthcare


Unlocking Value: Market Insights from Piper Jaffray’s Bob DeSutter

PTV sits down with Piper Jaffray’s Global Group Head of Healthcare Investment Banking for a candid conversation about unlocking value in today’s medtech markets 


Inside Look: Strategic Business Development

Johnson & Johnson Vice President of Business Development Susan Morano sits down with PTV to take an inside look at the strategic development process


Walking the Talk: Lessons in Global Leadership

Former Johnson & Johnson Worldwide Chairman Karen Licitra sits down with PTV to discuss the key components of a successful medtech leader 


Alternative Business Models

Cardinal Health Medical segment CEO Don Casey sits down with PTV’s Rick Anderson to discuss alternative business models in the changing healthcare market 


The Art of the Deal

Former J&J VP of Business Development and current PTV Senior Advisor Richard Dakers sits down with PTV to discuss the art of M&A dealmaking


Making a Manufacturer

Apollo Endosurgery Executive Vice President of Operations Charles Tribié and Cardiva Medical Chief Operating Officer Justin Ballotta sit down with PTV to discuss the tools needed to develop world class manufacturing operations.


Burden of Opportunity: Hurdling the Regulatory Process

PTV Senior Advisor Bob O’Holla on navigating today’s regulatory environment and the opportunity it presents for healthcare entrepreneurs.


TOP Talks Live with Johnson & Johnson’s Jane Adams

Johnson & Johnson Senior Director of Federal Affairs Jane Adams weighs in on a possible Medical Device Tax suspension and the 2016 presidential nominees.


Medtech Market Optimism – A Conversation with J.P. Morgan’s Lead Healthcare Analyst

J.P. Morgan Managing Director Michael Weinstein discusses recent trends in the medtech market and what it means for investors and entrepreneurs.


Navigating the Consumerization of Healthcare

IBM Watson Health Global Corporate Communications Leader Lorie Fiber discusses the consumerization of healthcare and what it means for entrepreneurs.


“Innovation matters. Ignore it at your own peril.”

Chris Simon, leader of McKinsey’s Global Medical Products Practice, talks about innovation in the changing healthcare landscape.


“You’ve got to think about innovation more broadly.”

Chas McKhann, a Director in Life Sciences at Monitor Deloitte, the strategy consulting practice of Deloitte Consulting, LLP, discusses innovation in the changing healthcare landscape, including the importance of considering the patient experience and the role of big data.






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