TOP Talks Live with Johnson & Johnson’s Jane Adams

J&J Senior Director of Federal Affairs Jane Adams weighs in on a possible Medical Device Tax suspension and the 2016 presidential nominees. 

Last month, PTV hosted a special LIVE session of our TOP Talks podcast series featuring Jane Adams, Johnson & Johnson’s Senior Director of Federal Affairs. In addition to being a Washington Insider, Adams also serves as a guest lecturer at Georgetown University’s Institute for Public Policy and is active among senior management of AdvaMed.

In front of a packed house of Austin entrepreneurs and investors, Adams provided the latest news from Washington, including updates on the possible government shutdown, the current policy environment for the healthcare industry, and an early outlook on the presidential elections. Adams was also able to offer optimism for the future of healthcare. “There’s a lot going on I know, but I hope the takeaway is that it’s not all doom and gloom in Washington; there are people who are really committed in the policy space to making sure that patients get the innovations that we’re working on.”

We are very excited to share with you that Jane will be back with us in a few months to take the global stage at SXSW. Together with PTV Partner and Director of Operations Lauren Chauret, Jane will present We the People: Healthcare & the 2016 Election, tackling the presidential elections and offering insight on how potential policy changes might impact the healthcare industry, and how we as patients, entrepreneurs and investors can impact the vote. We will be following up with more details, including panel date and time, in the coming months.


The PTV Team